Daddy Long LEgs (Pittsburgh Public Theatre)

"Ms. Bowen is a natural. Here, she offers a beautifully sung, delightfully spunky performance in a role that has captured young girls’ imaginations since the Jean Webster novel was first published in 1912. The actors each possess a pure, unforced Broadway sound that is perfectly suited to Paul Gordon’s pleasant score." -Pittsburgh Post Gazette

"Danielle Bowen makes a charming Jerusha. Together, the two actors make the most of the two-hour-plus running time. They can belt out the highly charged emotional numbers, but they play the quieter moments with equal aplomb." -Pittsburgh City Paper

"Bowen’s Jerusha conveys the right enthusiasm of a teenage girl along with with the wisdom and longing of a person who has never really been outside of the orphanage her entire life." -Pittsburgh in the Round


"The show’s leading lady, Danielle Bowen, who took on the role of Dorothy is especially deserving of praise. Those ruby slippers are big shoes to fill, and she did it with such energy and grace! What I loved most about her portrayal is how easy it was to believe that she was playing a young girl, not yet even a teenager, as author L. Frank Baum wrote the character." - Playback St. Louis

"Danielle Bowen took the stage as Dorothy, the little girl with a very big voice. Bowen’s pipes were impressive immediately when she sang the show’s first big number, Over the Rainbow. Her voice is full, rich and easily strong enough to reach the back rows in the 11,000-seat amphitheater."- Ladue News

"The cast does terrific work, with Danielle Bowen leading the way as Dorothy, displaying a strong voice that suits the material, as well as nice sense of comic timing."- BroadwayWorld

"Two rainbows shone at the Muny’s opening night on Monday.One was in the sky, heralding the end of a rainstorm that delayed the opening of “The Wizard of Oz” by about 40 minutes.The other came from Danielle Bowen, who as Dorothy sings the show’s most famous song in a voice full of color and light. Even Dusty, the adorable Cairn terrier who plays Dorothy’s dog, Toto, seems entranced."- St. Louis Post

August: Osage County (Marin Theatre Company)

"Danielle Bowen (Jean) is the odd one out as the youngest—present, but not seen as a contributor. Her casual, wannabe bad girl front hides a dangerously innocent teenage girl."- Imagination Lane SF

"Their sullen daughter Jean (a prickly Danielle Bowen, a Mill Valley native) just wants to smoke pot and avoid the family drama altogether." - The Marin IJ


THE WIZARD OF OZ (North shore music theatre) 

“Emerson College junior Danielle Bowen makes a striking Dorothy, with a clear, unadorned voice for 'Over the Rainbow' and an unpretentious approach to the girl from Kansas that makes her believable and sympathetic.” 
-The Boston Globe

“As Dorothy, Emerson College student Danielle Bowen delivers the classic 'Over the Rainbow' with a perfect mix of mellow sweetness and strength in an absolutely gorgeous voice. Her natural performance is a comfortable complement to her cast-mates, including rescued shelter dog Nigel as Toto.”
-The Beverly Citizen

“The cast is lead by Danielle Bowen who is a lovely young brunette. As Dorothy, she is sensational in this role with her wonderful acting, singing and dancing. Her 'Over the Rainbow' is a stunning moment in the show with her exquisite rendition. Danielle plays up the comic moments in the show but also makes you empathize with Dorothy when Miss Gulch threatens to put Toto to death at the beginning of the show. However her most poignant moment occurs when she bids adieu to her best friends in Oz, leaving you in tears at this tender, touching scene. This is the very heart of the show when Dorothy realizes everything she ever loved is right back at home in Kansas. Danielle is a Junior at Emerson College in Boston and has a marvelous future in show biz.”
-Theatre Mirror

ALL SHOOK UP (Ivoryton playhouse) 

“Playing against him is Bowen who, amazingly enough, is only a rising senior at Emerson College. Based on her performance you certainly couldn’t tell that she hasn’t yet graduated. Whether she is playing the grease monkey, or Ed with a two-day-old beard as a disguise or, finally, the lovely Natalie, she is a delight. She may not steal the show – that crown goes to Herman – but she doesn’t have to, because from the moment she walks on stage she steals the audience’s heart. One can only hope that once she graduates she will find her way back to Connecticut to grace one of its many stages…before Broadway grabs her up and doesn’t let her go.” 
-Connecticut Theater News

“As Natalie, Danielle Bowen displays a terrific voice, attractive looks and a sweetness that makes you root for her from the opening number, 'Love Me Tender.'" 
-Connecticut Critics Circle

“As the female lead Natalie, Danielle Bowen is quite wonderful as well, and she especially shines in the numbers 'Love Me Tender' and the touching 'Fools Fall in Love.'"
-Talking Broadway Connecticut

MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG (Emerson College) 

 "The role of Beth, Frank's first wife and first love is played by Danielle Bowen. The song mentioned above "Not a Day Goes By" is one of Sondheim's most beautiful, haunting and brilliant. Ms. Bowen has a soaring operatic soprano voice that captures all the nuance of this powerful number." 
-The White Rhino Report